e&eThere is a very common practice that creates a lot of senseless problems for good people everywhere. It involves two E’s… Emotions and Extrapolation. Extrapolation is the continuation on a trajectory. For example, if the temperature drops 5 degrees in one hour, by extrapolation you would think that in 24 hours we would all be freezing.

Combine an emotional response with extrapolation and you build things up in your mind and emotions, creating terrible fantasy worlds for yourself that have essentially nothing to do with reality. You get terribly troubled over small insignificant things that through extrapolation inflate to become the source of huge upsetting conflicts, traumas, hurts, angers, etc. etc.

A word to the wise, you take a HUGE step forward in your relationship with yourself, with people and with all of life when you can catch yourself before you get hooked by the Double E. Watch for the Double E and you will be amazed to see how often it overtakes good people everywhere.

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