blurb:  The ancient secret foundational mechanics revealed.  How the world actually works…

my unedited notes from the past week:

Queen Elizabeth influential history: Royalty/USConstitution mapping/correlation… Royalty is apolitical

no written constitution

will King Charles be political?

E.G. Can not divide property


The ancient secret foundational mechanics revealed.  How the world really works: the crystalline structure, underlying all life and existence

ratna, crystaliline energy of temple/enlightened city

ratna in first mandala Rig Veda

Yantra: gears,  moving

Mt Soma…Resonance: building a crystalline touchstone

       the veil of maya, illusion in all its forms

       blurb:  Mechanism of the emerging ratna,

Quantum mechanics the mechanics of the quantitization level of existence

Cycles of Time: the sun rises and sets

Conceptualization vs. Actualization: eternally elusive but now within our grasp.

“1000 points of light”… “crystalline city on the hill” deep inside everyone knows everything yet shrouded by identity/maya/samskaras

clean the fishbowl



       Ben Rich deathbed confession about UFOs

Skunk Works, Stealth,  Clarence “Kelly” Johnson,

See Ancient Aliens Declassified “top secret sites”

       Appx 90 minutes into the program I also believe he is the guy that a lecture at UCLA engineering said we have the technology to bring  ET home


Current Events:

Tearing down statues what it really means to the nation to the culture and to the individuals

       What does it really mean to be a great person to be a great public figure what is the role of public opinion

       The sour specter of hatred, veiled in the guise of righteous heroics, is the virus released within the world

       it comes in all forms: taliban, el queda, right/left political affiliation, conservative/liberal, religious/atheistic, black/white/brown/yellow, no end…

       What values the nation embodies as a people

       Working for versus working on the people


       Deepfake: beyond photoshop

       two most common perspectives: fear, judgment

most difficult to remember yet most critical context: Phase Transition

       Dawning of the Golden Age, the age of oblivions last hurrah

       Always darkest before the dawn

       undocumented not vaccinated, explain that!

       Words redefined to manipulate people

e.g. Fascism , racist, gender,  inflation, etc.

control the language and you control the people

Blackrock: Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

       Green New Deal: growing Global Suicide Pact

       Energy is control for example Europe is under control of Russia via pipeline on/off switch and if US turns over energy control also is turning over self determination

       Tick-tock USA versus tick-tock China…controlling mentality of nations

       China number one in education USA number 25

       US spends more per capita on education than any other nation

       Across nation children being sexually mutilated and sterilized puberty blockers increased suicide rate

Undermine culturaal integrity to overtake a nation


       We have the technologies and capabilities right now on this earth to bring peace and prosperity to all of humanity.  It is only the dedication to conflict that prevents us from making it so

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