StopAnd now for a totally politically incorrect and socially inappropriate blog…

I was talking with a private investigator who had an unprecedented and remarkably high success rate in recovering stolen goods in the trucking industry.  When I asked him how he achieved such incredible results he said, ” Oh, it is easy.  If its cigarettes, then it is the ____s in Atlanta.  If it is computers, it is the _____s in Miami.”

Shaken by the blunt inappropriateness of his response I asked, “Well, what do you do with that information.”  He responded, “Well, if it is cigarettes, you go into the toughest neighborhood in that town, walk into the corner quick shop gas station, buy a pack of cigarettes, compare the serial number to the list of stolen cigarettes, and confront the store owner with a demand to tell where he purchased the stolen goods.”

I offer no opinion on this.  I leave that to you.  But the story is true.  In fact, the private investigator could have written an entire book, jam-packed with such information entitled, “The Ethnicity of Crime”.

My purpose in writing this blog is nothing more than to offer you the opportunity to see for yourself how you deal with and process uncomfortable information.  Perhaps this story was challenging for you to hear.  Perhaps not.  I think the more uncomfortable you are with this, the greater the opportunity to gain from an exploration of how you responded to it.

Again, please hear me when I say I am offering no opinion on the politics of this.  I only offer it as an opportunity for you to perhaps learn a bit more about yourself.

If you turn it around to a judgment of the private investigator (or God forbid, of me!) then you miss the purpose of this blog entirely.

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