kissThe Transcendent is your touchstone.  It is the one constant.  When it is not known, people cling to the familiar as a substitute.  That is the formula for failure.  It is not A formula for failure.  It is THE formula for failure.  It comes in many forms, many guises, but it is the same one mirage.  Your portal to the transcendent is your inner being.  All else is illusion.  The Kingdom of Heaven dwells within.  The Guru holds the lamp that lights the way, but the Self is revealed to the Self, by the Self and through the Self.

We do well to learn from history. All the principles of life and existence are there. Imagine the courage of the German Jew who left their home, their wealth, all that was familiar, to escape Nazi tyranny. To pursue enlightenment is to look beyond the indoctrination of the familiar. Transcend the familiar. As perhaps Ramana Maharshi would say, it is fine to have your boat in the waters of the familiar, but you cannot afford to allow that water into your boat.

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” – Raymond Lindquist


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