kittyI was recently asked the following question (edited for content)

…what do you do with someone who insists the dimension of God they “know” is sufficient? I am a little sad because I notice when there is combativeness (as I sense in this situation), I seem to lack the maturity to disregard all that and rest into myself. Instead, I fault myself for not being able to find the right words/manner to be heard…and my joy takes a hit!

To which I respond:

We have a new kitten. My daughter loves it. It is easy to see that the kitty waits for her to come home from school. Then, when she does arrive home, the kitty hides under the cars, the porch, and bushes. This frustrates my daughter who wants to hold and pet her kitty.

I told her to just sit on the porch and play with something else or pet the other cat. It was hard for her at first but she finally did so. As you no doubt can guess, the kitty came out in little time and sat on her lap.

Who is the kitty and who is my daughter in your life right now?

Adults get into the same relationship tangles as children. We just couch them in more ‘sophisticated’ verbiage.

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