birdMany of you have heard the story… God created the world.  People entered the world, looked around and just wanted to return to God in Heaven and so they did. God was disappointed.  No one wanted to enjoy his creation. Therefore he created a key to life so no one could return to Heaven without it.  But where to hide it?  If on the highest mountain, people would climb up and get it.  If at the bottom of the ocean, they would get down there and get it.  Then He got an idea that delighted him. He would hide it at the last place anyone would look… in the depth of their being. The idea worked and the world became quite populated.

Though you may have heard the story, you still probably look outside of yourself for fulfillment.  It is fine to enjoy life and prosper, but what are you psychologically and emotionally invested in?  Or (dare I say?) addicted to?  Where do you look for safety, satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment?  Your money? A creamier ice cream?  An ideal relationship?  Family and friends?  One sort of boon or another?  Or maybe the inside story on the topic of your choosing?

And people wonder why they are not happy.

What are you waiting for?   Come on…

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