dancingThere is an ancient legend. God decided to create the universe. He made the galaxies and the Earth with its oceans, mountains, forests and streams. He created us, so we could enjoy his creation.

However, when we came here and took a look around we decided that we would rather just be back in Heaven with God and simply left this creation and returned to him.

Well, at first God was disappointed and thought: “What can I do to keep man away from Heaven so that he can explore all the wonders of my creation? If I make a ‘key to life’ they will find it. If I put it at the top of the highest mountain they will climb up there and get it. If I put the key at the bottom of the ocean, they will devise a way to get down there to get it.”

Then God had an idea that delighted him; he thought: “I will hide the ‘key to life’ in the very last place that anyone will look—in the depth of their own heart!” And do you know what?…. It worked.

We go all around the world looking for truth and fulfillment. We create great melodramas for ourselves. We get PhD’s. We build empires. We go on spiritual quests and crusades. We find other people that we look up to for the answers. The last place we look is inside ourselves!

The key to life is alive and well—inside of you. You can find it!

Introduction to Consciousness Unfolding, by Michael Mamas

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.