flowerSeveral people asked that I post this as a separate blog instead of a comment to the previous blog:

What contributes to the challenge of life is that beliefs, be they based upon Divinity or samskaras within, are experienced as truth. Notions considered positive, constructive, wise, and laudable can still be the result of samskaras. People hold to them as Divine. They justify them with scripture and quotes from the Veda or other Holy books. Life experiences justify your world view, whatever that world view may be. That is why often the most ‘educated’ or ‘advanced’ people are the hardest to move forward… Because from their perspective, they already have the answers. Indoctrination is all too often mistaken for evolution. That is to say, samskaras are all too often mistaken for the Divine.

Only rarely, does one catch a glimpse of what lies beyond those world views. The Guru can help you with that, but only if you are open to it.

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