kidsI remember summers when I was a kid. Sun up to sun down, every day was an adventure. The air was fresh and sweet. Plants were lush.  It was wonderful to be alive.

It has been a great joy this summer at Mount Soma to watch the kids. They have added a marvelous and magical dimension to our community. It is so delightful to watch them herd from the Center to the Union, to one home and the next as they stop to chat with the neighbors and friends. They are watched over, but the sense of freedom they display reminds me of my enchanted childhood days. The latest adventure is their pursuit of the mysterious enchanted white cat… an apparent stray in the neighborhood.

Energy is of course a very real thing with very real effects. Even coming home to Mount Soma from Asheville, the shift from frantic to sublime is palpable. When the physiologies are young and growing, how fortunate it is for them to be cultured in such a refined environment.

Kids seem to be particularly perceptive of the energy here,
with recent comments like, “We never want to leave this mountain.”

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