snowmanAs opposed to adding, take away.  Continue doing so until all that is left is essence, truth.  Neti, neti, neti… not that, not that, not that… until the only thing left is no-thing-ness… pure ‘is-ness’… pure consciousness…pure Being… the source of pure Knowledge… the home of all Knowledge.  Thereby, you come to know the One… who and what it is you truly are… Divine.  Thereby, you come to know what is useful and what is not.

When asked what I teach, tell them, “The Law of Subtraction.”

The world of spirituality has been shrouded in a garb of mysticism, dogma, laws, rules, and pomp.  No wonder so many today are rejecting it.  The wheat has been lost to the chaff.  The Truth of who and what you are has been buried beneath the indoctrination of lifetimes… conditioning, programming, samskara.  Information must be used to free you, not to overtake you.  How unfortunate: However well intended, so much beautiful spiritual knowledge has been distorted and misused to overtake people instead of emancipating them.  After all, it is called spiritual emancipation for a reason!

Truth is not attained.  It is revealed… uncovered.  It is already there within you.  Nothing need be added.  It need only be found within.  You merely subtract away this and that and that until your own inner wisdom is uncovered.  This is the real purpose of spiritual doctrines and teachings… to awaken you to what is already there within you.  I use spiritual texts to reveal what lies beyond all texts.  When asked what I teach, tell them the Law of Subtraction. I take away, I unencumber, I free, until you are left with essence, the grandeur of your own being… the Divine, the Truth.  This is called true spiritual teaching… the Law of Subtraction.  It is an art.  It is a science.  The diamond is perfected by chipping away and polishing.  Nothing is added.  There is only to be taken away.

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