fireI remember.  It was the morning of Christmas Eve.  I was around seven or eight years old.  I climbed up on a stool to look out the playroom window.  A blanket of snow, glistening like diamonds, covered the neighborhood lawns.  The sky was clear and the darkness of night had nearly given way to a blue, blue sky.  Looking up I saw only one lone bright star in the sky.  It immediately captured my being.  It spoke to me through the feeling it invoked.  The star pointed in a direction, the direction my life would go.

I cannot recall if it was in that moment or later that I called it my Star of Bethlehem.  What is your Star of Bethlehem?  Some things touch your soul so deeply that the meaning they invoke far surpasses any literal interpretation ascribable to it.

Your life’s purpose is simple to know.  Just follow that star, wherever it may lead.

Have a Lovely Christmas.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.