Longing for the deepest reality is the nature of all life and even of existence itself…. gravity moves everything back to center, back to oneness. Though all creatures have a sense of that, the clarity of understanding is not there. (The clouded glass Kathy referred to in her comment to my previous blog.)

The lack of clarity has caused many rational thinkers to reject religion and spirituality in its entirety… throwing out the baby with the bathwater as they say. But that rejection could be viewed as a demand, a crying out to look deeper than what is now being promoted by spiritual leaders in general. Lack of clarity is not limited to western religion or new age thinking, but also permeates eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. That deepest reality, that all long for, is highly elusive.

Not only the mass mentality but sadly also spiritual figureheads of our time remain woefully deficient. Even those spiritual scholars that ‘know all about it’ very rarely embody it. And those that believe they embody it have merely conformed to an overlay… a candy coating of behavioral modification and philosophical identity. What they think spirituality looks like and what it actually IS are radically different.

That confusion sends humanity running off in countless directions chasing the mirages of their choosing. Yet in spite of all of this, very few are willing to take the time to look deeper. There is far more interest in reinforcing current convictions than there is in seeing beyond them.  ‘Most every individual on the planet agrees with me about all of this with only the one exception of their own perspective on spirituality.

To find what you long for, you must be willing to move past what you currently cling to.  Humility and wisdom go hand in hand.  To live better, you must be willing to look deeper. Your potential is enormous.  I do not offer you a philosophy or belief system.  I offer you a method to look more and more deeply within yourself.  Truth is not a concept or notion.

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