marshmallowEvery individual has a unique temperament. Some are naturally soft and easy, like marshmallows. Some are often hard and harsh. As you evolve, you naturally rest into your own true nature. The range of possibilities is far greater than people typically allow for themselves and others. Life is not about turning yourself in to something you are not. I start with this only to make it clear that it is not the topic of this blog.

I would like to discuss a gear that, regardless of your unique nature you must be able to shift into if you want to get things accomplished in life.  It need not be harsh or abrasive, yet I liken it to being like an iron ball.  I use that phrase because it was used by the Bhrigu Nadi.  Some may prefer to call it being “bright and alert”… or perhaps “sharp as a tack”.

When you are on a task, you must be able to stay focused.  I believe it was Thomas Edison that said genius is the ability to stay focus on one task for an extended period of time.  This is one aspect of being like an iron ball.  Too many are unable to do that and instead float through life sort of like a marshmallow.

Another aspect of the iron ball is to ‘see the job and do the job.’  Many put off the task, even a simple one, for day after day, even week after week.  To be an iron ball, you must get done today what you can get done today.

Still another aspect is to ‘run a tight ship.’  One example is, when you are dealing with a personal contact, keep records.  Take down their name and phone number and file it in a manner that is accessible when you need it. How many times have I seen people be like a marshmallow in that regard?!  When they need the person’s phone number or contact information, it has floated off into the ethereal blue, inaccessible… irretrievable.

Many feel that to conceptualize is the challenge and to actualize is just dealing with the inane details.  Let’s be clear… mere conceptualizers are fantasizers. Actualization is where your genius lies.

I leave it to you to reflect upon other aspects of the iron ball.  Please do not allow any issues that the notion may trigger within you to cloud your vision of this profoundly important topic.  Iron balls can be gentle and kind as a soft summer breeze.

These things may seem simple and obvious enough, but they are what separate the doers from the dreamers… the iron balls from the marshmallows.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.