I learned a tremendous amount about the construction of an “Enlightened City” over the past 20 years. To even begin to describe it all requires some background in Vedic Knowledge. Principles in the Vedic literature must not only be understood but (much more of a challenge) must be embodied before one can begin to fathom the fantastic technology. In the Ancient Secrets Revealed podcast series, we first offer some of those essential principles. Then in episode 5 (coming up some time within the next week or so) those pieces of the puzzle are put together to shed light on the remarkable technology involved. If you have not yet listened to episode 1-4, you can catch up by clicking here. I would also suggest listening to the podcast entitled “Adrishtha Apurva”. I believe the process involved will fascinate, surprise and challenge everyone. What follows is a brief description of the upcoming episode 5.

Ancient Secrets Revealed E5: Mystery of the “Enlightened City”
Once all the ancient secrets are known, why do they remain a secret? Does the ancient technology of an “Enlightened City” offer an explanation? When the Vedic architect says no such city exists anywhere in the world, the obvious question is, “Why?” This episode investigates that remarkable mystery, while holding up a mirror to all humanity.


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