berriesIt always annoys me to hear theologians on television debate things like creationism.  I just saw this again.

When will the world understand the notion of multiple realities?!  There are an infinite number of equally valid slices through the same one pie. Each tells its own story.  Western science, Yin/yang theory, 5 elements…. there is no end to it.

This is not to say that all perspectives are correct. It is possible to be just plain wrong.  But the interconnected nature of existence affords an infinite number of angles of approach.  You are you and I am me. We are separate. at the same time, we are both the same one thing, The Unified Field. We are One. Two valid realities. Newton, Einstein, on and on.

If people took a step back to understand the big picture first, they would stop fighting to defend their little picture.

We live in a reality continuum.  Why is that so difficult to grasp?

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