moon & VenusSome say Jesus is the only way to God.  Depending on what you understand the word ‘Jesus’ to mean, that is either true or false.

Jesus knew he was the Unified Field. From physics, the Unified Field is the one thing that birthed all that is. There is only one Unified Field.  All things gravitate back to that one thing, just as all matter in a solar system gravitates back to the central sun.  (The conservation of angular momentum, ie karma, is what keeps the world spinning… keeps relative existence afloat.  That is, as it is said, “The Only Dance There Is.” But that is another subject.)

The marvel of the human physiology is that the individual can experience the Unified Field level directly.  It is not an attitude or theory or emotional state.   It is a state of physiology called enlightenment.  If you understand that to be what Jesus was talking about, then the idea that he is the only way makes perfect sense.

If you do not understand that, then spirituality for you crumbles into a heap of irrationality.  Religion today is threatened by the fact that the understanding of spirituality is so unclear that many reject religion altogether, throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Spirituality is the vessel that holds all of life, all fields of study, all that is. Jesus knew he was the Christ, the Unified Field, the Transcendent.

In that most profound regard, I wish you all a most Merry Christmas.

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