birdsWhen words are translated and repeated without a full understanding of the meaning, over time the meaning becomes more and more detached from the words. This is why the knowledge is lost over time.

Knowledge is not contained in books… in words. Knowledge only dwells in the awareness of the enlightened.

Yet so many spiritual devotees cling with great devotion to the words. Their intent may be heartfelt and sincere, but the result is the loss of the teachings… generation after generation.

Mother Nature feels that strain in the world. That strain compels nature to provide one to come who revives the true understanding of the words. This is a mechanic. It is a law of the science of existence. It is action and reaction on a cosmic level. That cosmic principle is straightforward and scientific, just as bending a stick causes a tension to be created that in time compels the stick to spring back.

This is the history of life in a nutshell. The actors may change. The principle does not.


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