The Potential of Social Media | Michael Mamas BlogTo be honest with you, I find social media to be a foreign world that demands I learn its language.  It doesn’t care to learn mine.  Perhaps this gets easier with time and experience.  But in this day and age, you can no longer just place a listing in the phone book.  Social media is the fastest-growing information exchange system, which makes it an easy way to enter the conversations and awareness of today’s world.  Also, social media presence is a big part of how one’s relevance, popularity, and importance are ranked.  In short, to have an online presence, social media is a must.

So we’re doing our part to keep up with the times.  We now have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  We are posting new articles, videos, slideshows, quotes, and pictures daily.  The social media team here at Mount Soma has been working very hard on all this.  I am most grateful.

I like simplicity.  I like having everything in one place on one website.  With so many social media sites, I am concerned that many of you will not see posts that I feel are of value.  In fact, just yesterday I found several of my articles on LinkedIn.  My comments on Bible verses appeared on Google+.  All sorts of things are showing up on Twitter.

Some of the sites you can find me on are listed below.  Please check them out and “Follow” my accounts.  Not only will this keep you current, but also the more you participate, the farther the reach of the Knowledge.  Your activity on social media can end up reaching far beyond the people you know.  Over time, a strong social media presence demonstrates authority in the eyes of the world.

So to keep up with all the things we will be offering online and to keep up with the current world trend, please if you have not already done so, take some time to become proficient with social media.

Michael Mamas social media accounts to follow:

LinkedIn articles apply the Knowledge to business and the workplace.

Instagram features pictures from daily events at Mount Soma.

Facebook, Google+, and Twitter were previously posting the same material, but they are increasingly diversifying.  Collectively, they will direct you to much of what is being published elsewhere.

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