Truth is often viewed as something that can be acquired by reading the right book or hearing the right speech. Books and speeches are readily available, but only the wise know truth when they hear it.  The question of how to pursue truth then is not where to find truth, but how to know it when you hear it.

Truth already dwells deep within every individual.  However, if ones life is encrusted with stresses, strains, and impurities, that truth will not well up throughout the physiology and conscious awareness.  In such a state, even if truth is offered, the individual will not resonate with it.  It will not feel right.  It will not ring true.  It may even be experienced as offensive.  The lower vibration that one is accustomed to will not resonate with the higher vibration of truth.  Just as the pristine lotus flower rises up through the murky waters, to hear truth one must rise up through the quagmire of small egocentricity, separateness, polarization, and indoctrination.

Through proper meditation, one awakens to the absolute truth that dwells within. As this is done, one’s understanding of kindness, love, integrity, honor, nobility, beauty, justice, etc. raises to a higher level.  Understanding deepens and is transformed as one evolves.

Hearing and knowing truth is simply a matter of innocence and purity – and their meanings too transform as one evolves.

The Pursuit of Truth - Michael Mamas Blog Post

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