On the news this morning, they did a little piece about Billy Graham. He is from the Asheville area and so his influence here is seen around town. It’s really fascinating to see excerpts of his sermons. He talks about God and heaven, being forgiven of your sins, being saved, and all those sorts of things. It’s all beautifully heartfelt and touching. He was obviously coming from a very deep place inside his soul. I’m sure that everybody senses that same place within themselves. Yet different people relate to it differently, to the point where everybody has their own unique relationship with it.

With the knowledge that I’ve given to people reading these blogs, I think it is easy to see what Billy Graham was getting at, what he was trying to say. I think it’s also easy to see how having an understanding of the nature and structure of existence from a rather scientific or rational perspective provides a deeper insight into what that is really all about. It also provides insight into how, without that scientific or rational understanding, the Knowledge easily becomes obscured.

Spiritual growth is about clarification, not just intellectually, not just emotionally, but also viscerally, physiologically, and directly experientially. Every religion has its foundation, that deep sense within all beings. It is often referred to as one’s sense of divinity within.

It is my purpose to provide people, regardless of their religion, with ever increasing levels of clarity in their understanding of this very nature of life and existence.

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