I was asked the following:

A master who talks about the light body says that you can transform your body from flesh to light. Is that true?

To which I reply:

There is an important lesson here.  Yes, what you say here is valid, but the true meaning of words often eludes the use of the words… even for those who speak the words.

My purpose is to offer deep understanding of profound truths.  Superficial interpretations of profound truths have cast the field of spirituality into a garb of mystical mush. A big part of my purpose is to clear up the confusion.

You ask for deep understanding.  Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve that?

For many, the most difficult step is discerning to what you should listen. For others, the challenge is to take the time and effort required to really discern.

We live in a time when people want quick, simplistic, short answers… even in fields where such answers only scratch the surface and mislead.  Thirty-second sound bites will not suffice, though they are what the mainstream mentality demands.

This is Kali Yuga… the Age of Ignorance. So many are thought of as Masters.  So few are.

You must think carefully or be led astray, even by so many who may be quite well intended.

Choose wisely.




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