lotus flowerI just returned to Mount Soma from a wonderful class in San Francisco.  It had a bit of a different feeling from any class I have ever given.

One memorable moment was when someone said that they felt that they needed to live in the “real world” which is what they are accustomed to.  My relationship with this person is so long standing and solid that I knew I could respond bluntly. “You mean that twisted pinball machine of a world?”

Her smile invited me to go on, “You call that the real world?  What a strange relationship with life… with the notion of reality.  It is as if you are so accustomed to living in a meat grinder that it has become the only reality you believe in.  Life is not meant to be the way your ‘real world’ has led you to believe.”

She responded very well.  It was, I believe, eye-opening for her.  After a brief pause I could not help but to look down, shake my head, and mutter under my breath, “The real world.”

Life is meant to be evolutionary.  “Street Smart” is a rationalization for looking out at life while your nose is in the gutter and deciding that things stink.

Do not allow yourself to live that kind of life.  Bringing forth the Age of Enlightenment is about birthing a lotus flower out of the muddy swamp.

Please do not live a life where you believe the mud is the real world.  If you must believe in a “Real World,” believe in the lotus flower and join me to bring it forth for all humanity.

That is not so far away, but we must keep our eye on the ball.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.