coffeeEnlightenment is no small thing.  Most everyone reading this likely believes they know that.  But do they?  Do they really?

Great saints have attained their sainthood by steadfastly overcoming incredible obstacles… one after another, after another.  Quite simply, they were willing to endure whatever it took to attain enlightenment… year after year of relentless one-pointed devotion.

When you look at most people, even ‘spiritually aware’ individuals, it is quite a different story.  They may feel a little purification (as roughness) at a long meditation retreat and decide they will never do that again.  They may see that they do not really have many friends going to a particular class, so they decide not to go. They may have a little conflict with someone and therefore decide to ‘throw in the towel’.  Maybe the bathroom accommodations were not quite to their liking.  Maybe Starbucks is just a little too far away from the monastery for their liking!

So I ask again… Do you have the right stuff?  What are you devoted to… really?

Someone once said that they did not want to do the Ashram Program because they wanted to stay in ‘the real world’.  I responded by asking them if they really believed that the pinball machine they lived in was ‘the real world’.  It is not.  It is merely the illusion that keeps you hooked… lifetime after lifetime… chasing that mirage, that dangling carrot, like a dog chasing its tail.

Time is running out.  Re-evaluate your priorities.  Bliss awaits you, but you must do what it takes to become free of your addictions.

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