I was asked the following question:
“How it is possible to enjoy a beautiful sunrise when there is suffering in the world?”

To which I respond:

When the rose blossom gets larger, so too the thorns naturally get larger. The world will always need two poles to spin around. Up creates down. Left creates right.  With fame comes infamy. When there is affinity, there is aversion. This is the way of relativity… relative existence. It is said that in this age (Kali Yuga) negativity dwells in the hearts of people. In other Ages, it dwells far away in the dark forests.

I remember over twenty years ago when I taught in another school. The students loved me.  This elicited jealously and resentment in other teachers. Fearing I would take away their students when I left, other teachers spread vicious rumors about me.

Yes, such things hurt when dwelled upon. But do not fret. Yin will always create yang. There is real beauty in the way of the world. Find the beauty.

Enjoy the sunrise.


© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.