Ancient Secrets: Root of Dharma, Water, Karmic Minds.  Nov 8


This Weeks Unedited Notes:

Ancient Secrets: Root of Dharma, Water, Karmic Minds.  Nov 8

Ancient secret of: Water takes on energy readily

wisdom’s paradox

A mirror that sees everything it has no opinion no bias

Shiva is the eternal silent witness the cosmic mirror

totally the same but completely different

Equanimity:  what it is, what it is not…beyond personality

Distinction between Imagination and Fantasy

Karma + prana = mind  [matter of proportion]

Lesson from ptolemaic dynasty, alexander’s general, volcanic eruption in arctic, no rain, overthrow by Rome post unrest due to famine

“Stalin’s gold” Ukraine grain

USA assets displaced

and the good news is:

powerful china/woke/progressive mentality current is unwinding

hurricane of notions spiraling out of control..

What is deranged in a deranged world?

Mentality currents spinning out of control but soon unraveling

Pivotal moment in history November 8

good news is the awakening of sleeping giant

Circumstances will never be exactly right to go forward…but standing still is not a viable option

Current events:

warfare in nuclear age is waged from within…undermine

Politics of debased civil discourse:

Character assassination gossip rumors

Tabloid mentality

Saul Alinsky: the politics of personal destruction

reverse racism, affirmative action vs want best airline pilot. Better VP, white house, spokesperson, etc

education out of control

commercials subliminal coersion

covid:  MDs got out of their lane vs our grandmothers would have done better

Covid virus vaccine and treatments disaster [I told you so]

convoluted thinking ivory tower academics got too far out on a limb

Post Florida hurricane electric car batteries after exposure to saltwater become ticking time bombs tow truck companies refusing to tow them for fear they may spontaneously explode

95 Percent of Corpses Had Received COVID Vaccination Within 2 Weeks of Death: Funeral Director in new zealand


John Kennedy: “Too many people at the top getting bail outs.Too many people at the bottom getting hand outs. People in the middle getting the bill.”

SOCRATES: “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.”

MM: Assuming you can discern whether they are wise.

The nation, the world, people are waking up so it is now time for onto the next great horizons

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