sunQ:  Could you please discuss the relationship between the soul and consciousness?

A:  Pure Consciousness is the source of everything.  It is the Unified Field of modern physics.  The one thing out of which all things emerge and ARE in their essence.  It is transcendental… meaning it transcends relativity.  It is beyond relativity.  It cannot be touched, felt, seen, heard, etc.  It is like the Central Sun of all that is.

You do not touch the sun.  You experience the sun through the rays that emerge from it.  Similarly, you do not feel the Absolute Essence of your Being, i.e. the transcendent… pure consciousness.  However, you do feel that which radiates from it through all levels of your being.  Those rays you experience are the Soul.  You feel your essence through your Soul… the rays of your essence radiating through all levels of your being.

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