In the USA, the first ‘star’ you will see rising in the eastern sky these early nights is actually Jupiter.  Directly above Jupiter, you will see two bright stars. They are the twins of the constellation Gemini.  Then, off to your right (South) you will see Orion.  I believe most people know how find Orion in the eastern sky these evenings… or at least know someone who can show them Orion.  Imagine the three star of his belt pointing in the direction further to your right (South) up higher than Orion’s head and you will find a faint cloud of half a dozen stars called the Pleiades. Only six of the seven stars are visible to the naked eye and barely so. The missing seventh star is the missing sister of mythology.

Between the Pleiades and Orion you will see a bright red star, which is the eye of the bull of the constellation Taurus.  Below Orion you can see two bright stars, which are his two hunting dogs, the brighter of which is Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.  Orion , the hunter and his two dog stars are forever hunting across the sky for the Seven Sisters of the Pleaides. Betelgeuse is the star of the upper left corner of Orion.

About every evening I run my jyotish computer program to show the location of the planets at the current time in my location.  Then I look for the planets.  With a little jyotish program experience, it is easy to know what planets will be visible at what time during the night.  Over time it is easy to see all the planets.  To do so is to feel some sense of connection, some sort of alignment, with the cosmos.



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