It’s easy to play the blame game.  We invaded Iraq, made a bunch of people mad, and now they are retaliating.  Government regulators were asleep at the wheel while the big banks abused the system, and now we have a financial mess.  Decades ago, Monsanto dumped DDT all over the place and now we have way fewer butterflies and flocks of birds. The list of examples goes on and on.

Attempting to resolve all of these problems on a case by case basis may seem like an impossibility, and in fact, it is.  We can and should do what is possible, but we also need to know that the real solution lies deeper.  That solution is so incredible and yet so simple.

There is a root of health to all of life and all of nature.  We have the ability, the technology, to enliven that root and free our planet from all of its woes.  The root of life is called the Transcendent, the source of infinite harmony and coherence that birthed and sustains the entire universe.  It’s just that simple.  The question is, who will listen?


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