roadIf you do something at 7 a.m. at you home in the USA and someone else does it at 7 a.m. in China, did you both do it at the same time?  Or if you both do it while on the phone together, is that the same time?  In one sense, time is more about the wave.  There is a wave that moves over the planet, from one time zone to the next.  It starts the morning.  It brings the night.  To live in harmony with nature is to live in harmony with the time wave.  When you are on the phone with someone far away, you are on different parts of the time wave.  That is why you can feel some disconnect.  You are reaching across the time wave.

We are thinking here about the nature of space and time, not just a physical wave that move through space.  We are thinking about the nature of time and its connection to space.  This becomes more and more relevant with greater distances.  With intergalactic travel, this being understood would be essential to successful navigation, flight, and even physical integrity of the craft.


Is this too abstract for a blog?  But I like where it leads.  With evolution, the mind explores beyond the familiar.  To become flexible, the muscles must stretch.

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