The Perfection Game: How the Universe works

Ready or not here it is!



May 15-17 Kambabishekam    May 14 Hanumans birthday

Leonard Nimoy in 70s announced on TV scientists predicted global freeze in next decade or two.

”Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”



Everything in the universe is gravitating toward perfection  ..  ETs too

Everything emerges out of the Absolute and then gravitates back to.  We all strive for it through different things:  people we love, goals we aspire toward, believes we hold dear to. All beings throughout the universe live this, each in their own way,

water erosion around sphinx 10,000 years old,  more and more evidence of older and older ruins around the world, anthropology as well…  group theory as applies to rishi values.  Every decade or so anthropology and archeology get turned upside down with another new discovery. 

Hopis, Egyptians, Greeks, etc… various ancient “myths”  Multiple slices through the one infinite Vedic Pie.  Veda means Nature… just that simple.,,, not a religion.

Christ, Chaitanya, God in this context explained

The Ancient Greeks for example knew the world was round, had the math, etc. etc.  But ancient vedic knowledge dwarfs even todays understanding.  The Sun rises and sets.  Everything does.

Bob Lazar element 115… who knows but Veda does describe Vamana powered with element not known by science until perhaps element 115.

Why Sci Fi often predicts the future:  We otherwise get in the way of our own intuition for example, e.g. the exercise that I taught in classes once

Intuition– anther chethana…  finest feeling level…  gut feeling   

it is all there in the Veda… cognized.

you don’t need to see too many “miracles” to change your relationship with everything… expand your view.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein.

Humans around for 28 MahaYugas i.e. over 200 million years…  universe is a well populated community of ETs   Humans included.  Vamanas: how to build a UFO is in the Veda …  When things get too impure here [Kali Yuga like now} immortals retreat into caves or other planets.  It is always Sat Yuga in midst of Kali Yuga somewhere.  Some UFOs are Vamanas from long long ago.

A.T.R.I.  Ancient Technology Research Institute AKA for CRS

list of the names of interplanetary species is in Veda

list of Yugas, Rishis “in charge” of each Yuga,  and part of vedic literature cognized/corresponding to each..

Samhita value is there in all 4 explained 

Satya yuga: Dakshina murthy [incarnation of Shiva]- shruthi

Thretayuga : Dattatreya [Incarnation of Trinity]- Smruthi –

Dwapara: Veda Vyas [incarnation of Vishnu]-   18 Puranas-

Kaliyuga : Adishankara [incarnation of Shiva]-  All Pourusheya Vedic Literature except puranas

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