The Veda is nature—the natural essence of existence.  At first it may seem difficult to see practical value of understanding the essence of the Veda.  In fact it has largely slipped through the fingers of time.   But soon humanity will see that it is the key that opens the door to everything—new dimensions of knowledge in all fields of life–the nature of everything.  That is when all the fragmented pieces of life’s puzzle come together in a unified harmonious whole.  Tuning your mind to its true nature is not about new thoughts, but about a new way of thinking… of functioning… of being. Plato said the two most important questions in life are who is going to teach our children and what are we going to teach them.  Here we explore the essence of true Knowledge—true education. The phase transition to a golden age is underway.  There is no longer the need to look back; instead we now look forward toward the great expansion of awareness of the nature of all that is.  Fulfillment, happiness, peace, and prosperity for all humanity is within our grasp.  We start with the depth, the foundation of life, and build outward–the blossoming of the flower of life.

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