flowerEverything about a person is completely transparent… right there on the surface for everyone to see.  Some think they hide, but they do not.  Denial is the only shroud. Denial begins with how one views ones self.  From there it projects outwardly upon the world as oblivion.

Life is all about people.  Facts and figures are secondary.  Your relationship with fact, figures, and everything else is what makes all the difference.  Life is paradox.  For every perspective, there is an equally valid yet contradictory perspective.  Which perspective you adhere to is determined by conditioning… the sum total of your life experiences… your karma.

Life is that way.  Everything blows in the winds of karma… not only the perspective of individuals, but also of groups… subcultures and cultures.  Want to know the way the wind is blowing?  Watch the news.  Experts in every field disagree.  Why?  The winds of karma.

When everyone is leaning one way, under-stand the other.  Not just to be contrary, but because the universe needs balance.  A full head of steam in any direction will eventually run you off the road.  For every perspective, there is an equally valid yet contradictory perspective.  Life is politics… all prescribed by karma.  Everything is political.  It’s all perspective. Think science is not?  Think again.

Want to understand the world?  Want to understand life?  Watch a field of wheat blowing in the wind.  Want to understand yourself?  Ask which direction you lean and then attempt to fathom why.  Only the transcendental, eternally silent witness knows…. and it speaks not.  Like the stable earth it is unmoved by the wind.   Root yourself in that.

From there, everything is virtual… lightly etched on the face of being – completely transparent.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.