birdI have not written about this for a while so in case you are wondering, my economic perspective on things has not changed.  Current events over the past year or two have only reconfirmed everything.  Global debt, particularly in Europe and the US, will continue to mandate the printing of more money.  Gold will continue to march upward.  Housing will remain very depressed.  Global unrest will continue.  This dynamic will remain for the next decade at least.  However, if you plan wisely, you will be fine and can even prosper.

Let me make it clear that I am NOT a financial advisor and this is only my opinion. You must make your own decisions.  Yet those of you who have been listening to me know that I have been correct so far.

Gold will become the new money backing (at least in part) the new world currency. Current currencies will fall.  Trying to keep your wealth in the right currency now is like trying to buy the nicest house in a bad neighborhood.  Gold and other commodities will go up in price significantly, while housing prices stagnate or go down.  If you can, buy gold, take delivery, and put it in a safe deposit box in an institution that you trust.  Still, keep an eye on the institution to be certain it is safe.  Be prepared to withdraw the gold if need be.

Decide where you want to live long-term and move there now.  Do not even think about what your current house WAS worth.  It is not worth that much now.  Why wait for it to go back up when other investments are far more promising?  Take the cash for the house, invest it, and move on.  It is remarkable to me how so many cry over spilled milk and just cannot let it go!  Even if housing prices did rebound a bit, other investments will go up much more.  In the mean time, you are living somewhere you do not want to be while the cost of housing where you would like to be move with the market anyway.  Also, construction costs will continue to rise. For example, local dealers here have announced that drywall will go up 30% as of January 1.

There will be local pockets of prosperity even in the US (which is and will continue to be on an economic decline).  Needless to say, I am confident Mount Soma will be on an economic upturn throughout this period that will, in general, be most difficult for most regions.

Because of the emotion involved due to people’s intense identity with their money, wise financial decisions remain elusive for most.  It is not rocket science.  It is common sense.  The expression, “Wake up and smell the coffee” comes to mind.  The major global economic trends are clearly visible to all who are willing and able to look.  You must become free of the limited thinking that your conditioned identity dictates.

There is no greater blessing than to know from deep within your being that Vedic science is valid.  My hours of lecturing is only of value if it inspires you to take the necessary steps to experience that directly for yourself.  So many hear my lectures and are inspired by them.  Yet, who has the courage to move forward and discover it within themselves?  More than anywhere else, I see that happening in the people of the ashram program here at Mount Soma.  I find the process of that awakening most fascinating.  They begin to feel it, to experience it, long before they mentally understand what it is they are experiencing.

Old thoughts associated with previous conditioning linger, even after your being has begun to awaken.  This leaves you in a transitional state between what you were and what you are becoming. A torential tug-of-war ensues… i.e. the churning process.  Return to the old and familiar, or move forward into the currently unknown… the new… a new level of being.  This is the crossroads of your eternal existence.  The decision is yours.  Transition is always a bit disconcerting, isn’t it?

It’s the nature of change.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.