branchWith all that is going on in your life and in the world, it can feel like a challenge to remain positive.  But positivity is not about the surface.  It is about the depth.

What is life’s deepest purpose?  What is your deepest relationship with God and how does that determine the course of your life?  In fact, how does that determine the course of all of life?

Being positive simply means knowing and remembering the answers to such questions and remaining committed to those answers as the underlying theme and purpose of your life.

Yes, of course, you must tend to the surface.  That includes the joy as well as the difficulties.  But they must never overshadow your deepest purpose.  You are here to evolve… not only yourself, but also all the world.

By holding that in your heart, and living with steadfast commitment to that, you are living a life of positivity.  Forward, forward…. be it knee deep in mud, flood, or famine, or basking in the joy of the bright sunshine… do not be distracted.

Positivity means unyielding commitment to the Divinity within you.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.