mushroomsI very much like Kahneman’s phrase, “Theory of Induced Blindness”.  Identity with a paradigm, simultaneously valid yet contradictory realities, transgradient flexibility, conditioning, preconceived notions… How many ways have we said it?

Really, with just a little thought, it is self-evident… isn’t it?  Education at some point is more about indoctrination than true education.  Right?  I think everyone actually knows it.  However, it is like gravity.  Everyone knew about gravity before Newton named it.  Yet there is power in the naming of it.  Once named, it is more easily focused upon, worked with, and more fully understood.

It is the same with spirituality.  Every person, every religion, understands it, feels it, with some degree of clarity… or vagueness, depending on how you look at it… the glass half full or half empty.  A belief system is identified with, thereby limiting people from seeing the bigger picture.

True learning is about expanding awareness, so all paradigms, all perspectives, all belief systems are understood… used or abandoned based upon the need of the moment…. i.e. transgradient flexibility.  It is important to understand this, yet ultimately living it is a state of physiology, a level of consciousness, as opposed to just another belief system.

How did Emanuel Lasker, the ‘grandfather of chess’, put it?  “I spent the last half of my life trying to forget what I learning in the first half.”  Of course, you do not really try to forget.  You just evolve your relationship with it.  You become less identified with it.  You see beyond it.  You understand it on a deeper level.

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