These Mountains

I’ve been living in these mountains for some 20 years now. I remember thinking that, in time, people probably come to know these mountains pretty well. I’ve come to realize that nobody ever really knows these mountains. They’re a mystery. An old-timer once said that you’ll never know what you might find in these mountains. We will, in time, rediscover Sat Yuga here.

A bit of a storm is coming in tonight… one to three inches of snow. In the air, you can feel it coming… These mountains are ancient… older than the Himalayas. You can still sense the ancient influence of Sat Yuga in them. These mountains are that old… We are most fortunate to live in their midst.

Some of the constants of physics are actually variables that shift slowly over thousands of years… eventually a phase transition happens… like water to ice… bringing about a new age… a new Yuga… a whole ‘new’ transition in the laws of nature… the laws of physics…

Soon the Advanced Techniques, Phase 1 Course will be upon us and after that, the Ashram people will be learning Phase 2 of the Advanced Techniques… Oh, so humbling…

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  1. Thank you for sharing your meditations. The sense of the vastness of the larger context wherein we sit, seen and experienced in the age and wisdom of the mountains, brings a sense of peace and calming and a knowledge that all is well in the realms of cause.

  2. These Mountains.

    Ancient yet,
    A breath of fresh air.

    Thank you.

  3. I love this.

  4. Thank you.

  5. Beautifully written. Thanks

  6. Thank you for re-enlivening the feeling of the beautiful mountains that are home to Mount Soma. I always feel their power when I am there. I find it interesting that there will be a water to ice shift into Sat Yuga. I assumed it would be a slow incremental march forward until the world found itself steeped in Sat Yuga. It’s intriguing to know that as with human evolution, there is a water to ice shift that brings transformation into a new Yuga.

  7. It is said that at the moment of transition into Kali Yuga, the chariot’s wheels touched the ground, whereas before that moment they road above… suspended six inches into the air.

  8. Oh, that must have been so cool. …Suspended into the air.

    Can karma be worked out in Sat Yuga? Or does it have to be addressed in Kali Yuga?

    I wonder what it felt like to touch the ground and have to effort to navigate…I am thinking of a quote from Patanjali (my fav): …… “But ignorance misdirects us. It assures us the Atman cannot be within us……and so we start to search for this dimly conceived, external happiness amidst the finite and transient phenomena of the external world. ” (crash bang boom !!!) ……”Like the fabled musk deer, we search all over the earth for that haunting fragrance which is really exuded from ourselves .”We stumble, we hurt ourselves, we endure endless hardships—but we never look in the right place.”

    What a trip!

  9. It is said that Kali Yuga is the best time to evolve (to overcome one’s karma) because the pressure is so great. It is like spitting out a watermelon seed. The more pressure, the further it goes! The challenge, however, in Kali Yuga is that “ignorance misdirects us”. Talking with BW the other day, I playfully thought of a title for a book, “The Relativity Addiction”. In Kali Yuga that addiction is powerful. As a result, few are willing to turn within to the Absolute. And even when they do, ignorance misdirects that intention. But in Kali Yuga, when the knowledge is there along with the intention, tremendous progress can be made. Yet the pull of the addiction is strong. That is why when a students asks, “What more can I do for my evolution?”, I respond, “Steady hand on the rudder.” The point is that even when one has the knowledge of the nature of life, meditation, etc., the relativity addiction can pull them away. One’s karma takes them to the knowledge. One’s karma takes them away.

  10. Thank you for your helpful response.

    I hear you with “steady hand on the rudder”. I do get frustrated however when countless times during my day, i lose my SELF by veering off and sinking back into old patterns. It certainly appears to be habit but maybe the better word is addiction.
    I look forward to your book.