Imagine being so caught up in a television program that you forget it is just a projection on a screen and believe it is real. That is exactly what you have done.

The ‘screen’ is consciousness. It is the silent witness. It has no opinion. .. no comments… no shades or hues. It is crisp… clean… all wise and all knowing. It is profound in it simplicity… in its very nature. This is the Shiva value… transcendental.

It cannot be enlivened because it is eternally awake. Yet your awareness of it can be enlivened. That awareness changes everything, yet changes nothing. Existence remains exactly the same, just totally different. It is pure consciousness. It birthed everything. It is God’s consciousness.

Trying to ‘fix’ your life, or another’s life, by rearranging the surface is futile… temporary at best lest that rearrangement enlivens your awareness of It. Doing personal process or self-help without that understanding is sweeping the dust under the rug in an attempt to make your house clean.

This is not so difficult to understand intellectually, but to really know this is quite another matter. Do you really know it? Just take a look at how you live your life. There, you will find the answer to that question.

My purpose is to awaken you to It. I am creating a place that is so enlivened with that value that to live there is to just naturally come to know It over time. Yet your addiction to the images on the surface, on the ‘screen’, have so overtaken you, that you cling to the images and continue to look for Truth there… on the surface… as fleeting as time itself. That is your habit, your addiction. You are lost in the illusion, in the mirage. You continue to insist that it offers what you long for, what you need, what the world needs. You are lost to the illusion of time.

To awaken to ‘It’ is to awaken to that which exists beyond time. Time stands still there. Nothing is happening there. It is within ‘It’ where your life comes together. It is the water that feeds the root of life… the fountainhead, the source. It is the foundation you long for… the unification of all that is. To find it, you must go beyond the illusion of time. Yet to go beyond time, you must go through time. To vanquish the dragon of a dream, you need the sword of a dream. You must use time wisely to free yourself from the bindings of time… to see beyond time. Only then will you find what you long for.

It is called ‘Bliss’.


© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.