Krishna“No man e’er was glorious, who was not laborious.” – Benjamin Franklin

I would like to add that all want to be glorious, few are willing to be laborious. But what does it mean to truly be laborious?  It is not about how much effort one expends.  It is not about courage. It is about how deeply one senses the Divine within. Once sensed deeply and fully enough, one will do whatever it takes to follow that, wherever it leads  No mountain is too high. No river is too wide. No ocean is too deep.  One then with one pointed focus surmounts all obstacles no matter how laborious, no matter how long, no matter how far.

It has been said that the original love songs were written to God. In truth, all love songs have been, are, and will be written to God.  All is God.  When ones vision is clear ones beloved is seen to be what it is… God. God comes in many forms. Yet they are often veiled. The veil leads people astray. But the innermost longing is always the same one thing. The more clearly you hear the call, the more direct your path, the greater you become.

It is just that simple.

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