readingUnderstanding is a feeling, not a thought.

Facts are thoughts.  Thoughts are petrified feelings.  Thoughts are the residue of what underlies them.

Feeling dwells in the gap between thoughts.  Feelings are alive.  Thoughts are concrete.  Feeling underlies thinking.  Feeling is what the universe is made of.

Matter, like thought, precipitates out from what underlies it as its essence.  Matter does not really matter.  Your relationship with it is what matters.  Relationship is a feeling, not a thought.

Stop trying to think you way through life.  Learn to feel your way.  Thoughts matter little.  How you feel about those thoughts makes all the difference.

Understanding is everything.  Thoughts when rigidly held, compromise life.  They twist the soul. Thoughts are like leaves on the tree of life.  They must sway to thrive.

Existence is a paradox continuum.   Do not pursue answers.  Pursue understanding.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. – Einstein


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