Truth is Elusive | Michael MamasTrue spiritual knowledge is so delicate. Every step of the way echoes of truth are heard and considered to be truth. How will people ever really move forward, go deeper? Even the deepest, most enthusiastic and dedicated drift in their understanding. And of course, they are sure they ‘get it’. Echoes of truth.

It is beautiful to watch the awakening from within that people experience when they regularly come to classes. Of course, i am only a catalyst, a servant to their inner awakening. Like the gardener attending the rose – the knowledge is in the rose, the gardener only assists the process. Yet such ‘gardening’ is subtle.

Echoes of truth perceived as truth hold truth at bay – for lifetimes. Deep, intense study. Emotional rapture. Memorizing the Vedic texts. These things do not ensure true spiritual evolution.

I long for your awakening to the Truth that lies within you. I am dedicated to serving in that process. And you must meet me half way. This will not always be easy. I will tell you how it is. At times you will misunderstand me, get confused, upset, perhaps even offended. If you continue to try to understand, I will always be there, committed to you.

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