guitar“An instrument should be in tune with itself,” he says. “Everything else will then fall into place.” …John Monteleone

This is a lovely quote.  In particular, a number of the old blues guitar players had little access to ‘properly tuned’ instruments or even intentionally down tuned their guitars for one reason or another.

Certainly with evolution you become more and more in tune within your own self. However, the Self is one with the Absolute, i.e. the underlying basis of all existence. So as you evolve, you automatically not only become independently in tune with your own self, but simultaneously with all of nature… with Mother Nature.

My daughters have recently resumed their music lessons (piano and guitar) and I am very happy about that.  Science is of the intelligence of existence.  Music is of its Heart.  Yet the two are seamlessly intertwined.  They dance together as one and the same, in perfect union…  the King and Queen of the universe… the mind and heart… the mechanics and the spirit… the body and soul… the two facets of the one God out of which all emerges.

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