candle glowYour worldview is an amalgam of facts. Facts are like points (dots) in space.  If and how you connect those dots makes all the difference.  That is determined by what lies within you.  If your head is in the clouds, you connect them in a naive manner.  If your nose is in the gutter, still another… commonly referred to as ‘street wise.’

What is the condition of your internal climate?  In other words, how do you connect the dots of your life?

Your greatness lies within you, as you, untainted by conditioning, free of distortion and bias.

What is Grace?  It is the inherent nature of existence.  It is how the universe really works.  It is the omnipresence of the Divine.  It is how the dots are ultimately connected.  It is the elegance of existence.  It is dignity with which you see when your vision is clear.

Truth is supremely Graceful.  Truth lies in the gap between all the dots.  It is you.  It is who you truly are.

When you live that, not as a concept, but as self evident from the depth of your being, you are wise.  Grace is truth.

What a Graceful universe!

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.