sailboatWhen one is not rapidly evolving, they are essentially like a single point in space.  From the perspective of that one point, a line can be drawn through it in any direction and be argued as just as valid as any other line.

However, after doing PROPER meditation for a while, another point is experienced. The newly discovered point is a more evolved state of being. Those two points determine a line that points in the direction of enlightenment… just beyond the horizon. That is what really gives your life deep meaning.  That is when you really begin to evolve rapidly.

There was a great Guru who said to not even bother talking too much to people about spirituality until they have learned and practiced proper meditation. This is the reason why. Without those two points, most anything can be justified as valid.

In this world today, you are bombarded with a multitude of perspectives… unlimited lines through a single point. Anything can be and is rationalized with the intellect. If you allow yourself to be swayed by all those perspectives, you are cast into a tailspin that wastes time… wastes life.

It is an essential awakening to move in the direction of your evolution at least enough so you experience that next point. It lies within you. It is not what you have been told or have taken on from the outside.  It is what you have become from the inside.

Only then do you know what direction to set the rudder and cast the sail. Then the real journey begins, as you tack your way over the ocean of karma in the direction of what lies just beyond the horizon.

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