“People harvest only what they plant.” (Galatians 6:7)

“Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

treesThough these beautiful quotes are valid enough at first glance, lets take a deeper look.  If you were not careful, you may think that you should just control your thoughts so your actions and everything would be healthy and productive.  Again, that is true enough at first glance, but how do you ‘control’ your thoughts and actions?  What criterion do you go by to determine what thoughts and actions are right and what are wrong?  Is there a rulebook to follow?

Surely rules are of value.  They are like training wheels on a bicycle.  They are useful touchstones along the path of your life.  But if you misuse them, they act as a lid of suppression on top of a volcano of life force.  As I am fond of saying, life is about “relationship with.”  You can have an unhealthy relationship with anything, even a good thing.  There are so many good rules to follow that if you attempted to follow them all, you would drive yourself crazy.  So what is the key to healthy thinking?

For thoughts to be healthy and productive, look to what lies deeper than thoughts… look to the source of thoughts.  Look to your Being, your Essence.

Deep within you is the transcendental field of pure consciousness.  It is what Einstein called ‘the unified field.’  It is the source of all that is.  It is a field of infinite harmony, wisdom, and grace.  To master life is to live from that place.  In so doing, your thoughts are automatically, spontaneously, and naturally in harmony with all of nature… with the source of all that is.  In so doing, you do not need to control thoughts so much as you spontaneously live and think in a manner that is in harmony with nature… with Mother Nature… with your own true nature.  Your own nature best organizes your life.

The problems people experience are the result of not living in harmony with their True Nature.  They attempt to live life by conforming to their limited understanding of life.  Even their interpretation, their understanding, their relationship with good rules and principles are strained or distorted.  They habitually act in a manner that is not true to their deep inner being, their True Nature.  To really understand the wisdom underlying the life supporting rules and principles, they must be viewed from the depth of your being, not the surface that may be strained or confused.  Only when the surface is finally in harmony with the depth does one live, understand, and think wisely.  To attain that level of life is a process called the path to enlightenment.  It is no small task.

The two quotes above have validity, but must be understood in the context of what is said here.  Otherwise, they lead even the most well intended people down a blind alley.

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