This week’s unedited notes randomly collected, loosely or directly related to this week’s podcast:

Deep dive into the Shiva Sutras here. Then some practical reflections.  How much things would change if people first understood life, then lived accordingly.  

karma + prana = mind

there was no beginning

without relative, there is no Brahman

why our worlds intersect… 

Brahman is known from the Upanishads alone!!!!

can also see Brahma Sutras 3.3.3 [extricating of nectar] and 2.1.10  [form, taste, etc. not to be found in Pradhana]

devata value defines the process 

Shiva Parvati

the fabulous knowledge in the Shiva Sutra and Brahma Sutra


Reflection on Current Events:

When we think of the world situations, let’s think of the children first.  Maybe that would help us see things most clearly.  Perhaps then, we would think, as number one, to end violence wherever we see it.  I don’t know, but maybe economic sanctions make more sense than bombing raids.  Doesn’t it?  Funding violence doesn’t make all that much sense, does it?  I imagine weapons as self-defense is necessary at times.  But wasn’t it even Napoleon that said that money is the essential ingredient to war.. something like that.  Should we not think first of funding wars but rather think of defunding aggression?

When I think of the world, my heart goes out to the innocent children.  Yet it seems so many think first of hate, judgement, retaliation, and money.  What about the innocent children?   Things would change so much if we first thought of the innocent children.  That certainly should transcend greed, power, politics, racism, hatred, judgement, retaliation, and so many vile masters that seem to take precedence in global decision making.  

Perhaps we could take some well informed time to reflect deeply and thoughtfully upon the following topics in the context of what is best for our children:




North Korea

the world is not as we have been lead to believe

cost of essentials up 18% since Biden took office

wind mills and climate change

electric cars: the reality, pragmatics, and the dream

oil production currently way up in USA

auto insurance double and tripling

hunter biden

AI.  artificial intelligence pros and cons

climate change, what is the reality? 

Nicola Tesla—unlimited positive energies in our planet.. the earth

What are our priorities?

Simple!: Just clean the fish bowl of global consciousness

Mount Soma and the Vedic technology offered by the Rishis

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