Ratha SapthamiI have been quite busy lately.  Though I spend a great deal of time at Mount Soma addressing county, subcontractor, and logistical concerns, those matters are secondary.  My primary activity is going to the temple in the morning to meditate, do my mantras, etc.  There I reflect and seek communion with God.  If the inner is right, the outer will be right.  I live in dedication to that.

I find great comfort and support in Pandit Prasad.  He and his wife, Lakshmi, have become my dear friends….  pure, simple, and innocent.  I rely upon them.  Through them I have an additional supportive conduit to the Almighty.  For too many years I have traveled this path feeling that, though loved, too few could understand me.  Abandoning their world in India to join me here stands as a solid testament to their commitment to our purpose.  We can bring peace to this world.  All that is required is commitment.

The blossoming of the Guru Shala (Enlightened City) also involves communication with Harsha, my dear friend in Mumbai. We are establishing our foundation in India, which requires my attention of course.  Needless to say, also of great significance is the MMWPP (Michael Mamas World Peace Project). Also, the Pandit Boys School in India is going well.

All these things require a great deal of time and energy.  My commitment to my students also requires my time and energy.  I am most grateful to all of you that are so respectful and careful in how, when, and why you communicate with me.  At the same time, I feel sad when my time is so limited.  Even today, people came to the temple and the demands upon me did not allow time to sit and be with them.  This happens all too often.

And that is an update on my life at this time. In the future I hope to have time to write more books, chat with more people, and have more time for my beloved family.

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