VasisthaAs I have said in the past, there are two ways we can view new information that is not consistent with our current belief system. 1) we can reject and live in denial of it, or 2) we can transform our current beliefs to accommodate the new information. This is one of those things that is just too hard for many people to believe. Yet it is (and for thousands of years has been) right there in the Vedic literature.

Thousands of years ago, Vasistha spoke of the Coronavirus. He even used the word “Corona” in naming it. He said it was airborne, extremely small (i.e. microscopic), and entered through the nostrils. He gave a mantra for the healing of those afflicted. Though specifically for the Coronavirus, this mantra supports the healing and prevention of all viruses and all cancers. You can listen to it as much as you would like. It is available for you to listen to by clicking here.

Accordingly, as per our recent Temple Update, we will be doing a Dhanvanthari Healing Havan April 2. In case you did not see the update, you can view it by clicking here.

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