groupThe Nine Days of Mother Divine has been among the most beautiful times we have ever had at Mount Soma.  With the lovely group of Chinese in attendance, the lectures were translated into Chinese as the Chinese, Indians, and Americans came together to create a deeply moving feeling of our world family.

The vision for Mount Soma is becoming a palpable reality now.  Clearly politicians will not pave the way to a United Nations… a world family.  We can proclaim that the seed has been planted now for the blossoming of that world family.  There is no need for any global suffering or conflict.  This world provides for the prosperity and happiness for all humanity.  We have only to receive it properly.  It is happening.

The Student Union building was inaugurated on the last of the nine days… Victory Day.

I believe that all in attendance will reflect for some time upon the profound experience we all had over these past days.  What transpired will be remembered throughout history.  Those in attendance are invited to add comments describing their experience of the course.

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