Human beings are incredibly vulnerable creatures. The depth of our soul reaches all the way into the Transcendent, the most refined and delicate level of existence. We all feel things very deeply. In some way and to some degree, everything touches the depth of our soul.

Though we all feel deeply, as we evolve, we become more in balance, more capable of experiencing our feelings without tumbling. People tumble in response to all sorts of emotions, be they positive or negative. Hurt can tumble into rage. Joy can tumble into a state of hysteria, frenzy, or delirium.

Our vulnerability, then, must be grounded in the strength of our inner being so that we don’t tumble. It is important to note that as we evolve and the strength of our being grows, it’s not that we don’t feel deeply. If anything, we feel more deeply. In fact, we are able to go into the depth of our feelings without shrouding them with denial, diversion, defiance, or rationalization. In other words, we become capable of handling and holding our vulnerability.

When people’s vulnerability is not rooted in the depth of being, they simply can’t handle the intensity of the waves of emotion and feelings that come along with life. Their behavior becomes erratic and inappropriate. It’s most unfortunate that so many of life’s decisions are founded upon that imbalanced state.

But it’s important to understand that everyone tumbles from time to time. What matters is how quickly and responsibly people are capable of coming back into balance.

When rooted in the stability of our own soul, our vulnerability becomes a tremendous asset. We are able to openly and honestly experience those subtle feelings that reach into the depth of our soul. We are then able to act, feel, and think from a place of wisdom. We no longer tumble, but instead, embrace, hold, and act in harmony with the undenied Truth that lies deep within. For example, if someone hurts you, you don’t act through anger, resentment, or disparagement. Instead, you are capable of articulating and communing in a sincere and loving manner, free from blame or degradation.

We can all aspire to live that sort of life on a day-to-day basis. When you tumble, you can do your best to regain balance and to right any wrongs the tumbling elicited. This is called maturity. To never make a mistake is asking far too much of yourself. But to strive to come back into balance and on that level, to embrace your vulnerability and feel your feelings, is most noble.

What underlies anger and judgment is hurt. It is often easier to feel your anger and judgment than your hurt. In so doing, you live a life of denial: a life not in harmony with the Truth and vulnerability that lies at the depth of your soul.

To be able to come from that place of vulnerability (unencumbered by any tumbling) is to live a fulfilling life: a life where you can respect yourself and a life which will gain the respect of others. If that respect is not gained immediately, it will be gained as others overcome their tumbling, and behave in a manner in harmony with the depth of their own soul.

Too many people suppress their vulnerability for the simple reason that they can’t handle it.  Living your vulnerability from a place of stability within your own being is to live a life of fulfillment, wisdom, integrity, and human decency. So, even though at times vulnerability may feel like a curse, it is indeed a great blessing.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.