valleyI received the following comment on my recent blog:

In response to “brahmarishi says, October 18, 2011 at 3:07 pm” and the larger context as well…
I was rough with this and sent some of my angst towards you…I can see now that it was my misunderstanding, as I do reflect upon several times in class when you spoke those words…please accept my must humble apologies.

I forgot that you said that you were only preparing us with tools for self discovery…You never said you would tell us how to think or that you would direct our path…only that you would show us the door to truth…you did and continue to do so.

This hurts…at many levels…I trust the damage can be healed…I miss you…and will look forward to seeing you again.
I realize it is our responsibility to use the tools wisely and not to simply grasp the tools and hold on to them. This has helped hammer the lesson home…

To which I responded:

I know full well that I ask a lot of my students. From time to time a student may recoil, or get upset, or even quit. It always breaks my heart when that happens. But I have freely chosen my role as a teacher of this most precious knowledge.

I do understand that few are willing to pursue deep spirituality. In fact, more often people look to spirituality as an escape from reality instead of an embrace of truth wherever it may lead.

 I do ask that people do their best to act respectfully. I also understand that from time to time most everyone loses their balance. If angst rises again in the future, perhaps it can be more appropriately directed to a pillow instead of me. The energy we send is real and I do feel pain.

Dear friend, you are most welcome to be my student. The love in my heart seems to have no limit. I see Divinity in everyone. I am deeply committed to all those who come to me, just as I am deeply committed to doing all I can to remove the suffering that plagues most all beings on our beloved Earth.

As a teacher of this knowledge this confirms for me one thing about myself; I truly love everyone.

Also, I am shy.  I know this may seem like a contradiction with my position as a teacher.  But I can only talk about deep matters.  I am just not good at superficial small talk.

Somehow both my daughters are great at it.  When I spoke with my daughter about it, she giggled and said, “How can that be?  It is so simple.  All you have to do is open your mouth and say something… anything.  That is the beauty of it.  It doesn’t matter what you say. Talk about the weather.”

I carry you all in my heart.  Please do not mistake my shyness for anything other than shyness.  For some reason the interaction above compelled me to say this.

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